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H14 Midi Hydro
Industrial dust extraction vacuum cleaner with hydro pre-filtration

H14 MIDI HYDRO – 240V 21 Litre 1250 Watt Water Filtration Vacuum


The Midi Hydro dust extraction vacuum offers a hospital grade H14 HEPA Filter for 99.995% filtration efficiency, the highest level of filtration available against harmful dust and airborne particulates.

The specialist hydro filtration system works hard to soak and drown harmful dust and particulates before they can be pushed back into the air, meaning you have affordable health & safety compliance during your cleaning efforts.

With the hydro filtration technology, you no longer have the need for filters or bags with the potential to release dust into the air during machine maintenance, and no bags means reduced cost of spares and consumables. Saving you time and money throughout the life of the machine.

Why Buy?

  • Hydro filtration guarantees extraction efficiency and no ongoing consumable costs.
  • The combination of Hydro filtration and optional accessories make it the ideal kit for healthcare and hospitality environments.
  • H14 filtration efficiency gives you the highest protection from harmful dust and airborne particulates.
  • Affordable compliance for yourself and your team.

RRP UK £699.00 (Excl. Vat)

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Midi Hydro filtration dust extraction
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