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Dust Extraction Power Equipment
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      The V-TUF Experience

      Our Services

      Research & Development

      Got a big idea for a solution in the trade or construction industry, but not sure where to start? We aim to make great industry partnerships with people who believe in solving health or safety issues and improve the lives of others. Research and development is the key to turning that ‘what about a…’ moment into a tangible solution for an industry problem or everyday challenge. Speak to us about how we can assist into turning that light-bulb moment into a product that offers true value.

      Team Training

      Want to learn the why behind what we do and give your team the knowledge of industry issues we look to solve? We understand that our distributor’s sales team have a hard time of juggling the numerous brands in the industrial equipment market. We want to make promoting the V-TUF range to be easy and will come to your depot to deliver in house sales training, specific to the lines you stock.

      Product Demonstration

      Spotted a product that you like the look of, but want to make more of a hands on assessment to ensure compatibility with your existing kit or upcoming project? We love demonstrating what our kit can do and want you to make informed decisions before you invest in a new asset, by carrying out in depth product demonstrations at your location we can ensure you and your team are certain before you buy.

      Promotional Support

      Needing some extra support for those all important promotions? We love it when our distributors want to help us make some noise about the occupational health and safety issues in trade and construction industries, and the team here do all they can to get footfall through your doors (or on your site!). Marketing campaigns, promotional graphics for websites, roadshow attendance at your branch, or support at your exhibitions, we can tailor the level of promotional support to best suit you.

      V-TUF Repair

      Does equipment failure mean a delay to your project? Your equipment is an important asset and our customers need the best level of service. Our trusted network of carefully vetted service centres will be on hand to help you with your authorised V-TUF equipment repair, making sure you get back to work as quickly and cost effectively as possible, without voiding the warranty!

      Interested in becoming part of something great?

      The V-TUF Family

      Authorised V-TUF Distributor

      Whether you are an independent tool retailer or a multi-national merchants, we are always on the lookout for merchants and distributors who are passionate about offering a great choice of equipment to the trade and construction industries. Pop us a message and let’s have a chat over coffee.


      Our amazing community of loyal tradesmen and women are the true reason why we got into occupational health & safety equipment in the first place. If you have a strong social following, hands on trade experience, and a love for tools and equipment then ping us a message about becoming a V-TUF ambassador.

      Authorised Service Agent

      Not all superheroes wear capes! By becoming an authorised V-TUF service agent, you are making a pledge to uphold the vision of saving and improving the lives of our customers. Should their equipment need some TLC, you are there to administer the technical expertise to get them back on the project and doing what they love.

      Save and improve the lives of those directly exposed to harmful environments in their line of duty whilst ensuring our clean innovation respects the environments in which we perform ours.

      The V-TUF Family

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